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At Spic ‘N Span Pressure Washing, we’re known for handling any mess. Whether it’s bringing dirty roofs back to life, removing tough stains, or carefully washing decks, we’ve got all your pressure cleaning needs covered. while you relax and enjoy a cleaner, more welcoming home.

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At Spic N Span Cleaning, we take pride in providing top-notch pressure washing services to the residents of Collier County & Lee County. We use advanced power washing techniques to ensure your home’s exterior is thoroughly cleaned. From driveways and sidewalks to roofs and gutters, our comprehensive cleaning solutions tackle dirt, mold, and algae without causing damage. We understand the unique challenges posed by Florida’s climate and are committed to delivering results that exceed your expectations. Choose Spic N Span Cleaning and see why homeowners in Collier County trust us for all their pressure washing needs.

"a man providing house pressure washing via soft washing the vinyl siding of a house in Naples FL"

Naples’ warm, humid climate creates the perfect environment for mold and algae growth on your home’s exterior, leading to unsightly stains and potential structural damage.


At Spic N Span Cleaning, we understand these local challenges and offer comprehensive house pressure washing services to keep your home looking it’s best. Our services include soft wash, which gently and effectively cleans delicate surfaces like vinyl siding, stucco, and brick without causing damage. Our detailed siding cleaning tackles dirt, grime, and mold, restoring your siding to its original beauty.

Florida’s climate, with its intense heat, high humidity, and frequent rain, can lead to mold and algae growth, dirt and grime accumulation, oil stains, and weed growth on your driveway. These issues make driveways slippery, unsightly, and potentially damaged.


At Spic N Span Cleaning, we tackle these problems with professional driveway power washing services. Our certified specialists use advanced equipment and eco-friendly detergents to remove stains, mold, grime, and weeds, while applying the right amount of pressure for each surface type to ensure thorough cleaning without damage.

Florida’s humid climate causes mold and algae to thrive on roofs, leading to stains and potential damage, while dirt, debris, and weeds further compromise roof health.


At Spic N Span Cleaning, we do roof cleaning using a soft wash system that addresses these issues by using eco-friendly detergents and low-pressure water to safely and effectively remove contaminants without damaging your roof. This method enhances your roof’s appearance, prolongs its lifespan, and prevents costly repairs. Choose our professional roof cleaning services in Collier County & Lee County to keep your roof pristine despite Florida’s challenging weather conditions.

Florida’s climate and environment can lead to persistent stains that detract from your property’s beauty.


At Spic N Span Cleaning, we specialize in removing the toughest stains, including rust stains, oil stains, and hard water deposits. Rust stains from iron-rich water leave unsightly orange or reddish-brown marks on surfaces, while vehicle oil creates dark, stubborn spots on driveways. Hard water deposits leave white or chalky stains on windows and siding. Our certified specialists use professional-grade equipment and eco-friendly detergents to effectively eliminate these stains, restoring the pristine appearance of your property. 

In Florida’s unique climate, gutters often face challenges like clogged gutters, vegetation growth, blocked downspouts, and nests from insects and birds. These issues can lead to clogged gutters, causing water to overflow and damage your home’s foundation.


At Spic N Span Cleaning, our professional gutter cleaning services tackle these issues, ensuring your gutters are free of debris, plants, and nests. We also flush downspouts to guarantee proper water flow. Our thorough cleaning process helps maintain optimal gutter performance, protecting your home from water damage and keeping your gutters in excellent condition.

Florida’s humid climate can lead to significant issues for lanais, including rust and corrosion of metal structures and insect infestations. Additionally, the warm, moist environment promotes mold and mildew growth, which can make your lanai unsightly and unhealthy.


At Spic N Span Cleaning, we offer specialized lanai cleaning services that address these challenges head-on. Our team uses a soft wash system that effectively removes mold, mildew, and other contaminants without damaging the delicate screens. This gentle yet powerful cleaning method ensures your lanai remains clean and intact. Regular cleaning not only enhances the appearance of your lanai but also extends its lifespan by preventing rust, corrosion, and insect damage. Choose Spic N Span Cleaning for a thorough, safe, and effective lanai cleaning service in Collier County.

At Spic N Span Cleaning, we understand the importance of clean windows in enhancing the beauty and comfort of your home.


Our professional window cleaning service ensures that every pane is spotless, removing dirt, grime, and hard water stains that accumulate due to Florida’s weather conditions. We use eco-friendly cleaning solutions and specialized tools to reach even the most difficult spots, ensuring a streak-free finish every time. Regular window cleaning not only improves your view but also extends the life of your windows by preventing buildup that can cause damage over time.

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Our top-quality pressure cleaning services are designed to give your home the care it deserves. We believe everyone should enjoy a spotless, beautiful home without worrying about the cost. That’s why we offer our power washing services at affordable prices.

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We make the booking process as easy as possible. Simply send us a message, and we’ll provide you with a free estimate and a customized cleaning plan tailored to your needs. We know your time is valuable, so we work around your schedule to deliver our top-quality pressure cleaning services when it’s most convenient for you.

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We take pride in our expertise. Our team is certified in roof cleaning, concrete pressure cleaning, and oil stain removal, just to name a few, ensuring your property receives the best care possible. Whether it’s removing tough stains or maintaining the pristine condition of your home, our top-quality services deliver exceptional results.

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We understand that every property is unique. That’s why we offer custom cleaning plans tailored to meet your specific needs. Our team will assess your property and create a personalized plan to ensure every corner shines. And with maintenance plans available throughout the year, you can enjoy a spotless, beautiful home year-round.

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